Marazion Community Centre

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CLIENT: Marazion Community Centre is a long-standing feature of the town of Marazion and is well-equipped with space and facilities for the town and local communities. The organisation is a charity and is overseen by a dozen members of the local community.


BRIEF: The Centre required an attractive modern website and, significantly, required a bright and appealing design. One that represented its values of community and the history of the location, being right next to the historic St Michael’s Mount just offshore. The site was also required to include a virtual Google Maps walkthrough, provided by Plan8 , giving an idea of the size and attractiveness of the spaces available.


EXECUTION: The final logo design was arrived at following a series back and forth exchanges in which a wide range of options were narrowed down. The brand colours represent the centre’s proximity to the sea and beach. The ring around the centre represents the community joining together at the centre, and also resembles a lifebelt/binnacle, a callout to the connection with the sea. The castle with the heart motif in the centre is used as a favicon and as a form of visual ‘punctuation’ throughout the site.


The sites WordPress theme features the content system, Elementor, allowing for easy addition of animations and so forth, creating a dynamic user experience for website visitors. The structure and layout of the site was arrived at though a series of back-and-forth exchanges with the client. Kernow design also provides securehosting and emails for this site.