trailers, Intros & Stings

Any one of a number  of short, focussed and high-impact videos can fit this description.


Very often it will be an animated logo for use on corporate presentations, such as here in our video intro for

These videos can be in any style required for the brief.



The video was created as the intro for the YouTube channel of actor Jules Seager, HairyFoodieGuy.

The format of the video is tailored to the social media that will be used for the presentation.


Very often this means a portrait format for use on Instagram, stories and on phones in general.


This video was developed for the photographer, Iain Klieve in order for his work to be presented in Instagram in an accessible format by his client, Abode. 

All our trailers, intros and stings are achieved using the latest in professional software, for editing, compositing, syncing with audio and colour grading.

Here’s an example of a trailer for a single event, produced for The Ultra Violets

Music Video

From planning, storyboarding, location selection, crew hire (where needed), filming, editing, colour grading, CGI and VFX, we are here for you and your band.

This video, ‘Always On’ is a project for Cornish psych-rockers (and Hawkwind support), Hanterhir.

We are great fans of the use of video effects (achieved in After Effects and other software) to help tell the story of a video.

In this case, ‘Wolf dance’ by rapper, Komander, we transition a lot between live action and the cartoon persona in the process of telling the story.

This next track from Hanterhir, ‘Waiting for Bertie’, shows three things.

  1. our use of professional contractors (in this case the drone pilot)
  2. good location choice (Cornish Mars)
  3. colour grading choices to match the setting

Here is an early example of a video for London-based The Velvet Hands.

The pop art approach matches the indie energy of the band and the motion of the graphics matches the precision and orchestration of this infectious piece of Pop-punk.

shows & series

From National Geographic channel through to local businesses we have provided end-to-end production services on a variety of shows and series.

From getting funding all the way to final edit, we handle production and sourcing of the best talent to achieve your project.

Editing, compositing, colour grading and addition of VFX are all part of the post-production services we offer.


Here we have an episode for the YouTube channel of Plymouth-based tattoo studio, IconInk.


Filming and audio were handled by Kyle Richardson  

VFX, CGI & Motion Design