King Property Investments

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About This Project



CLIENT: King Property Investments is a Cornwall-based independent company that has a good deal of experience developing residential and particularly commercial properties, bringing new uses to spaces in their local community.


BRIEF: This kind of website is the opposite of what is required of something like an eCommerce store… in this case, a ‘brochure’ website that represents the business and gives a simple, attractive overview of the work of the business and a few brief facts, figures and images so that the visitor can quickly get an overview of the company and its operations.


There was also a requirement for a simple logo that represented the field of property development and the growth in value of the properties so developed (both financially and to their local environs).


EXECUTION: The logo and branding was based on a bold red colour, which is often associated with dynamic business ventures, and creates high impact on the viewer. Several iterations were run past the client in the development of a logo which represents both buildings and growth chart.


The website itself is based on a WordPress theme specifically selected for its slick, professional look and the ease with which a whole host of dynamic effects such as the image transitions can be implemented. This creates a clear, dynamic and appealing user experience for visitors wishing to find out more about the business.