Hanterhir – Always On

Music, Video
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About This Project


CLIENT: Hanterhir – Cornish psychedelic rockers based near Redruth.


BRIEF: We were asked to shoot a video for a track of our choice from the album ‘Nyns Eus Denvydth Bys Trest’ (There is No One to Trust). We selected this track for its dark, distorted, driving style.


EXECUTION: Although it was released in 2022, the video was shot during lockdown and social distancing. This meant that we could not have the band all together in a confined space. We therefore shot outdoors and made extensive use of green-screen to composite individual band members together.


The timelapse night-time driving sequence along the A30 at the beginning was an homage to 80’s videos such as the Granada TV version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay.


The use of the monochrome, red and cyan colour palette, and old TV motifs such as raster lines and echo VFX, are elements that have been a fascination for some time now and this video uses them throughout.