Kyle Richardson Media

Design, Video
branding, Design, intro, Logo, vfx
About This Project



CLIENT: Kyle Richardson is a talented videographer based in Penzance. He has filmed several short films, including the international award-winning ‘Penitent’ – a tale of PTSD and redemption following the Bosnian war. He has also been involved in several projects for the BBC, filming Ed Sheeran amongst others.


BRIEF: Kyle needed a simple but striking logo for use in a variety of media: cards, t-shirt, social media and video intro.  The logo was to be based almost exclusively on the text of the business name, with few, if any distractions. An orange element was agreed upon as representing the vibrance and energy of Kyle’s work.


EXECUTION: As is the case with all Kernow Design clients, there was a period of extensive prototyping with a great number of variants of the logo passed back and forth between client and designer. Exact shades of colour, fonts, kerning (space between letters) and so on were all agreed in the production of the final version.


This logo was then animated to create a standout intro/credit sequence for Kyle’s videos.