The Velvet Hands – This Feeling

Music, Video
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About This Project


CLIENT: The Velvet Hands – London-based Punky Indie Rock band originating from Cornwall


BRIEF: A video was needed to capture two things – the energy of a Velvet Hands gig and also the tightness of the instrumentation and production of this particular track. There was one afternoon to shoot this as the band ended a brief tour and were scheduled to return to London the next day.


EXECUTION: The orange/yellow colour palette overlaid on the monochrome footage filmed on one day was combined with past footage of gigs.


A variety of techniques were used here – the main one being the use of the coloured boxes to complement the parts each member of the band played in this tightly-orchestrated piece.


There was a lot of use of videos taken from a (fairly limited) selection of live footage available to us.