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About This Project


LINK TO WEBSITE: https://hannahhumpstonjewellery.com


CLIENT: Hannah Humpston is an independent jeweller and goldsmith based in Penzance. She has recently had items of her handcrafted jewellery worn by the musical artist, Self Esteem, and on the Graham Norton Show.


BRIEF: Hannah needed an eCommerce website that was able to highlight the organic beauty of her pieces to maximum effect. The system also needed to be able to handle the many various options available to purchasers of hand-crafted, bespoke jewellery. There was also a need for various items of stationery: Thank You cards, business cards, invoices etc etc.


EXECUTION: Hannah was fortunate in that she had a great number of high quality, professional model shots, so the main task in designing the site was to allow those shots the ‘space to breathe’ and maximise their effect.


For this reason we chose a combination of WordPress & WooCommerce with a heavily customised theme to create the gallery-like space the photos deserved. There was also a great deal of customisation of the coding required to handle all the various size and material options available to clients on the site, and to ensure clients are aware of the lead time required for their pieces to be crafted.


The site, and emails associated with it, are hosted on our secure servers.


The stationery created for the usual business functions of a jeweller (Thank You card, care card, invoices, business card etc.) were all developed from an original logo provided by the client.